FRAME Specialist divisions concentrate on individual discipline activities applied to both conventional and technically complex structures and facilities. Each division can act independently or can combine to provide an integrated multi-disciplinary capability.

As you might well notice, Frame takes great pride in its French origins. Their approach to all things has that French flair combining innovation, creativity, practical skills and experience in a direct and forthright way. The service and the solutions are always based upon most updated technology and construction techniques that represent state of the art solutions in use today throughout the world.



Frame offers the opportunity to reduce costs by careful review, re assess, optimize and finally redesign a facility or a structure. This can lead to the reconfiguration of structural arrangements and re-sizing components to achieve savings by means of the optimization of size, materials or construction techniques. Knowledge and understanding of structural analysis and the design process has given Frame the ability to quickly investigate alternative structural systems and identify cost saving options. Value Engineering provides the client with an additional decision making tool that can be used to optimize the overall cost of a project.

Structural optimization can provide considerable savings at the front-end of construction.


FRAME-drilling fluids solutions for geotechnical works

Success in the process of drilling a hole through the earths crust depends significantly on the performance of the drilling fluid.The design, formulation, maintenance and disposal of drilling fluid is crucial to control best project production and cost at all time.

Our operating philosophy of combining quality product sourcing with superior expertise in site service has made us an efficient regional industry partner.

Our goal is to remain so by working together with our customers to succesfully meet their project challenges.

For geotechnical works, Frame value engineering services will positively impact on your project.

  • Economics :Sourcing drilling fluids cost-effective additives.
  • Productivity :Reviewing drilling fluid program for mixing to disposal
  • Environmental Goals : Anticipating the risk of possible drilling-fluid related issues


Frame and its partners ensures that alternatives are carefully examined and presents solution to client with a three step approach:

  • Initial Review
  • Construction Methodology
  • Design Optimization

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FRAME/FID experience refers to the well experienced and exposed team. FRAME/FID projects reflect its experience in creating luxurious spaces for multinational private clients.
FRAME/FID believes that uniqueness style is important to realize the client vision.
Its team acquired specific experience in high level interior design in various field: Private Residences, retail design, hotels and offices. Our design reflects on environments that join innovation, customized furniture (made in Italy, Spain and France) as well as exclusive finishes. The Fresh thinking and the creativity of the team are able to execute all projects just perfect. Working with FRAME/FID will help the clients to save time, money and worries Our team do handle all the needs and tackle all the hassle , make sure that things just fall in place leaving the client to relax and watch his project come true.

FRAME/FID believes that the Details really do matters


Frame's approach is to ensure tangible benefits are provided that give added value to a project and such benefits include:

  • Expert Professional Services.
  • Optimization of Resources.
  • Improvement of Project Schedules.
  • Reduction in Construction Costs.