The senior management of FRAME have experience in both international consulting and contracting organisations and are all familiar with the demands of on-time, on-cost performance. The world of fast-track development in the UAE and Middle East is the modern marketplace and presents FRAME with many opportunities to produce innovative and cost effective solutions. It has been observed during the years that whenever a Developper, an Employer, or a specific Party has to reach a predetermined budget, the adopted solutions rely too often on the mere request of commercial discounts, which can or cannot be absorbed by the end of line contractors. FRAME partners strongly believe that aside from these current practices, there is specific room for innovation, creativity, expertise and know how which can produce unexpected results on any given project in terms of savings. Through the course of their carreers FRAME partners have experienced instances where common sense auditing of an already designed project, involving all trades, from design and calculation notes, to construction methodology and even facility management, have lead to notable savings.


France Management was conceived by two French engineers with complementary skills and backgrounds, who share the same attributes of professionalism and competency to achieve their corporate aims. These principal innovators have a wealth of theoretical and practical experience covering a broad range of projects, that combine the best of modern French & European construction techniques with a practical understanding of the Middle East marketplace. Familiar with the demands of on-time and on-cost performance from both an international consulting and contracting perspective, the principals apply their knowledge and experience with an overall understanding of the interactive and collaborative processes that are essential to the successful delivery of a project.



Master Degree in Civil Engineering
École Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs (1981)




Master Degree in Civil Engineering
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (1971)
MBA, IAE insitut d'administration des Entreprises